Planning Committee Meetings

Planning Committee Meetings

The parish Planning Committee meets on the third Monday of each month in Zebon Copse Centre only when there are planning applications requiring a parish response. Applications notified too late for the Planning Committee meeting each month are considered at the next full meeting of the council. For major applications, or when other business dictates, special meetings of the Planning Committee may be called.

Agendas are displayed on public noticeboards within the parish 3 days ahead of meetings. In addition, the parish endeavours to notify applicants/agents. neighbours and other interested parties before related meetings.

Members of the public and press are always welcome to attend meeting of the parish Planning Committee.

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee on planning applications within and immediately adjacent to the parish that have been submitted to Hart District Council, the Local Planning Authority. Hart Council determines planning applications after taking due account of inputs from all statutory consultees, including the parish council, in reaching their decision; the Parish Council only makes recommendations and does not decide the outcome of planning applications.

Significant Local Planning Topics

Cross Farm Retirement Village

A public exhibition was held in the WI Hall on 29 and 30 March 2016 about a potential Retirement Village on land at Cross Farm behind The Street in Crookham Village. Display boards at that exhibition were OVERVIEW (3.1mb) and ROAD ACCESS (225kb).

Subsequently, application 16/00771/EIA to determine whether or it a full environmental impact assessment would be required to support a planning application has been submitted to Hart council. It was determined that a full EIA was not required under planning law.

Application 16/03400/OUT has now been received for a Care Village of 160 dwellings plus a 6-bed Care Home on Cross Farm (South of The Street). This application, although outline, seeks full permission for the proposed access onto Crondall Road adjacent to the Crossways junction.

CVPC submitted these OBJECTIONS on 6 February 2017.

Albany Park (Watery Lane)

Negotiations on site layout continue between Martin Grant homes and Hart Council as a precursor to a formal planning application for the detailed aspects of the development, currently approved in Outline only following the appeal held in April 2015. To see the latest public documents visit the Hart Planning web site.

Land North of Netherhouse Copse Hitches Lane (Grove Farm)

A second application 16/01651/OUT for this site, almost unchanged from that refused in 2014, was considered by CVPC on 1 August 2016 resulting, once again, in a significant OBJECTION being submitted to Hart Council.

Due to delays in processing this application at Hart Council, the applicant lodged an appeal starting on 3 February 2017 for non-determination within the legal time limit. Associated documents are HERE. Anyone wishing to add further submissions to be considered by the appeal inspector must do so by 17 March 2017.

Planning Committee Reports and Minutes

To view past committee reports and minutes, please click on the tabs links below.

Planning Committee Reports

Planning Committee Minutes

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