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Crookham Village Parish Council Projects

Major Issues for the Parish

The Parish Council seeks to improve the quality of life within the parish by using its influence and, where necessary, funds from the parish precept, to enhance and maintain local infrastructure. This work covers both council-owned assets and works related to highways and footpaths.

The Parish Council takes a keen interest in local traffic issues. A Speed Indicator Device (SID) was purchased during 2009 and will be deployed at various sites around the parish to warn speeding drivers and to record speeds and volumes of traffic. The Council also keeps a close eye on the junction of Redfields Lane and the A287 and takes every opportunity to seek improvements to that dangerous junction. After many false starts, this junction is now due to be replaced by a roundabout on a re-aligned junction as part of development of Albany Park off Watery Lane.

Harsh winters demonstrated a shortfall in gritting provision on some roads, particularly in Zebon Copse estate. In response, the Parish purchased addition salt/grit bins to deal with the most critical areas and will seek to add further bins as needs arise.

Crondall Road traffic speeds and volumes have caused considerable concern and the Parish has been working with the Highways Authority (Hampshire County Council) and local residents to develop calming measures to try to alleviate the problem. A trial of build-outs and chicanes in 2003 proved to cause more problems than it solved and was therefore abandoned. A new scheme has been developed in consultation with local residents was installed during 2014 and will be monitored to assess its effectiveness.

There has been a long-standing need for a footway along Pilcot Hill, not least to encourage more families to walk to Dogmersfield School. The parish has obtained the agreement of affected landowners and assisted the school in preparation of a Transport Plan, which has been accepted by the government. However, despite a significant offer of funds from the Parish, to date HCC has not been able to justify the funding and effort required.

Affordable housing for local families can be addressed through Rural Exception Schemes. Knight Close was completed several years ago, but there remains a need for up to 20 more units in the parish. The Council is currently investigating options for a further Rural Exception Scheme.

The parish actively supports efforts to maintain and improve the local footpath network. In addition, from 2009/10 the parish has joined a new scheme for funding the Basingstoke Canal within Hart where HDC pays half the contribution and riparian parishes contribute the remainder.

BT decommissioned the red telephone box outside the Post Office in Crookham Village and offered it for sale for a nominal sum. In line with the wishes of residents, CVPC acquired the box in 2009 and, with support from the Crookham Village Association, retains it as a village amenity.

The Parish took over ownership, funding and maintenance Zebon Copse Centre (ZCC) from Hart District Council in 2009. To improve the economic viability of ZCC, a major refurbishment was completed before the handover using money accumulated from developer contributions topped up by funds from the parish. This project has forced a considerable increase in the parish precept as well as adding very considerably to the workload of the council.

In 2014, CVPC also took a lease on land at Lea Green, Netherhouse Moor and has installed a significant amount of play and exercise equipment to cater for a wide age range including adults.

General policies for the Parish Council are guided by the existing Parish Plan and, when finalised,  this will be augmented by the Neighbourhood Plan, which is currently being developed in consultation with parishioners.

Current Projects

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