Neighbourhood Plan Project

Neighbourhood Plan Project

What’s this about?

The Localism Act (2011) was introduced to give more power to communities to make their own decisions about things that affect them and are important to them. In 1961 Crookham Village Parish totalled 164 dwellings. Today we have about 1,700 dwellings, which means 90% of people in the Parish live in houses built in the last 50 years.

We can’t stop development, but we can make sure it is appropriate to our community!

Hart needs to find space for over 7,000 houses across the District, so it’s vital that our community has a say over what our share looks like. We can do this by creating a Neighbourhood Plan that will state how we’d prefer our surroundings to evolve.

We need to do this as a community, so all our opinions count and will be gathered through public consultation at all the relevant stages of the process detailed here.

Once this is done, and the process is complete, our Neighbourhood Plan will be subject to an examination followed by a local referendum after which it will have ‘statutory status’. What this means is that every time a planning application is submitted to Hart DC, it will be assessed against the Hart Local Plan AND our Neighbourhood Plan, so it is really important that Crookham Village Parish has one of these.

For further details, please visit our dedicated Neighbourhood Plan web site.

Crookham Village Neighbourhood Plan Submission Consultation

The Neighbourhood Plan has now been submitted to Hart District Council for further consultation and for independent examination. The Plan is therefore now subject to consultation betweeen 10am 25th July and 4pm 5th September 2019, all representations must be made to the District Council as set out below.  

 Copies of the proposed Crookham Village Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents (including the representation form/procedures to be followed in responding) are available to view on the Hart District Council website 

Hard copies (including representations forms) are also available for inspection during normal opening hours at:

Hart District Council Offices, Harlington Way, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 4AE

 And at the following location:

Zebon Community Centre, Danvers Dr, Church Crookham, Fleet GU52 0ZE 

Opening hours: Monday and Tuesday, 0900 – 1500, Wednesday, 0845 – 1445, Thursday, 0930 – 1445, Friday, 0930 – 1145

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