At the public meeting on 1 June 2017 it was requested that we post a list of the elements of the draft Hart Local Plan which relate to the Cross Farm site and Care Village proposal.

Those who wish to comment on the suitability of the Cross Farm proposal should relate their comments to relevant elements of the draft plan, which include:

  • Vision
  • MG6  Gaps between Settlements
  • SC3  Land at Cross Farm
  • SC8  Affordable Housing
  • SC10  Specialist Housing
  • NE2  Landscape
  • NE3  Biodiversity and geodiversity
  • NE4  Managing Flood Risk
  • NE5  Water Quality
  • BE1  Historic Environment
  • I2  Green Infrastructure
  • I3  Transport
  • I8  SANG

Full details are on the Hart web site.

Don’t forget that the cutoff for responses to the draft plan is 5pm on 9 June 2017.