Crookham Village is twinned with Lévignen

Since 1983 Crookham Village has been twinned with Lévignen in France. Lévignen is about 40 miles North East of Paris, near Crepy-en-Valois, Senlis and the forest of Compiegne.

Report of 2017 twinning in Crookham Village

2018 Twinning in Lévignen



International Games 2012

Every May or June there is a weekend visit of about 30-50 people from Lévignen to Crookham Village, or (in alternate years) from Crookham Village to Lévignen. We usually make our own travel arrangements (by car, rail, air or some combination of these). We aim to arrive in Levignen by about 5 pm on the Friday (which is 6 pm French time, i.e. after work for our hosts) – because we stay with French families.

The normal pattern is to have dinner with the host family that evening, followed by a day sight-seeing or similar on Saturday, a collective meal on Saturday evening, probably with music and dancing, and the inter-village games (always rigged to ensure that the visitors win!) on Sunday afternoon. Supper is normally with the host family, or small groups, on Sunday evening, and the visitors leave on the Monday morning, when many of their hosts return to work.


Plaque commemorates rhododendrons presented by the twinners of Crookham Village for the Lévignen community centre

These arrangements vary from year to year and family to family, but give an indication of what to expect if you haven’t been to Levignen, or entertained a French family for the weekend in your home.

It is a splendid opportunity to see parts of France (and England!), experience French family life, learn some words of French, enjoy the French sense of fun, and also get to know fellow Crookham Villagers you may not have met before. There are also many informal visits, both ways, when people go on holiday. Many long-term friendships have grown up.

Parts of Lévignen are now named after Crookham Village, and several streets in Zebon Copse are named after French people and places involved in the Twinning (e.g. Gondreville, Camus, Leger, Decouttere).


Good food enjoyed by all

To lighten the financial burden on the English hosts we organise fund-raising social events during the year, to help cover the costs of entertaining the visitors on the Saturday evening. The French similarly organise fund-raising on their side to entertain us when we visit.

If you would be interested in learning more about the twinning, or taking part in any way,
please contact
Rick Spink 01252 816348,
John Burton 01252 622779,
or Katie Hicks 01252 850657.